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Hi I'm Kenneth! 

I'm the lead Certified Life Coach for Mountain Horizon Coaching. I'm excited that you have arrived at our website!

I have spent my entire life helping others. I do this through the healthcare industry where I have served as an EMT for the past ten years AND through coaching. I coach because other than loving to help people, it satisfies me to see others reaching their goals and getting past that obstacle in their life.

I help parents who have newborns recently diagnosed with metabolic disorders. I, too, have a metabolic disorder and I'm grateful I can help other families overcome their fear and anxiety, stress, finding normalcy and better ways of communication to family members and physicians and also helping them apply methods to balance diet and daily life.

Over the past several years, I have also coached the LGBT community. In doing so, I help them overcome fear that lies within them, become more familiar with the inclusive mindset, helping them overcome their depression, allowing them to see benefits of self love and care and also coaching through relationships.

More recently, I've offered services for divorce coaching. Divorce is often confusing, frightening, stressful while needing to pay attention to self-awareness and family/life balances. I'm here to help and coaching through a divorce, even just to vent, is sometimes necessary.

I hope you find what you may be looking for on this website. I offer general life coaching in addition to what you have just learned about. I welcome the possibility of assisting you during your time in life and watching as you soar beyond your horizons!

Best Always,

Coach Kenneth

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Mountain Horizon Coaching offers one on one coaching to specifically meet the needs of the client and sessions are specially designed for each client.


Mountain Horizon Coaching offers group coaching. We offer a great environment to learn from others while knowing that you aren't the only one going through a rut or experiencing a block in the road. Group coaching is offered for a group of five or more.


Mountain Horizon Coaching offers mentoring for those who feel the desire to go beyond coaching. Sometimes an experienced and trusted adviser in addition to coaching is desired - and we offer it!


One on One coaching  - via telephone, Skype, Zoom, or in person.
Group Coaching is offered in person and Zoom or Skype.