Meet Kenneth

Certified Life Coach
Mentor & Motivational Speaker

Kenneth Allen

Certified Life Coach

Kenneth lives in Wyoming near the infamous Yellowstone National Park with his partner, Mike. Kenneth has been involved with the healthcare industry for over a decade and has a keen interest in helping people achieve their goals and soaring beyond their horizons. 

Born with a metabolic disorder, Kenneth understands the immediate fear with a diagnoses. He is involved with mentoring and coaching those with a newly diagnosed child. He serves as an Ambassador of the Mountain States Regional Genetics Network as well.

Growing up in Wyoming in the LGBT community, Kenneth knows the frustrations, difficulty and fear of growing as a gay male in Wyoming, but he has overcome these obstacles! Kenneth has a focus on coaching and mentoring the LGBT community helping achieve their goals and guiding them to find their passions.

Kenneth also coaches on other various parts of ones life such as divorce, passion/purpose, relationships, health/wellness as well as offers mentoring services. 

Kenneth believes each individual has his/her own unique achievement waiting to be met and therefore prices and packages of his services can be tailored to each individual's circumstance. He welcomes your inquiries!

"I believe each individual has goals and aspirations far beyond the visible horizon and it is my mission to help them see and achieve what they desire."
-Kenneth Allen, CLC